Using GTAV REDUX with FiveReborn?

Wasn’t able to find something I could apply this on, is there a way to use gtav-redux with FiveReborn? it’s actually the only reason, I don’t want to play GTA:O, because I’d have to remove GTAV Redux.

the Redux files are not simply put into the main dir like other mods are, but added to the rpf files, well, at least to a copy of them. I tried exctracting the installer (open IV package), and succeeded, but I had no clue what to do with those files so far. I tried putting them serverside, as I saw stuff like cars getting downloaded from servers when I joined them (like Mercedes cars instead of made up ones), but didn’t manage to see this ingame.

Redux contains new textures, new sounds, an ENB mod and - this is what I love the most - better behaviour of the NPCs. stuff like bots grabbing onto stuff when stumbling, like in GTA IV. or the Military coming at you at 5 stars. stuff like that. I’d love to play on (or host) a server with this mod, getting the good stuff out of older GTAs into GTA V.

Hope anybody can help me with this, if you need any more informations, I hope I can provide them.

REDUX isn’t supported by FiveReborn.

damn, is there any posibillity it may get supported in the future?

@Questioner Redux shouldn’t be supported because the mod creator just stole some mods for his own one.

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@Questioner Redux shouldn’t be supported because the mod creator just stole some mods for his own one.

i tried making it work but it adds files to the GAME DIR itself not mods folder or stuff like that and its only on the latest version plus i looked at most files are just ripped from visualV and tweaked a bit, you want a good experience heres a list of what you need , VisualV ENB RESHADE, REAL LA ROADS 2.0 , 2.5c patch both of them have OIV installer if u look same with VisualV it also comes with some nice atmosphere.asi and other nice stuff to make the game look nice , you need custom billboards and then streamed cars and game will look good i will make a stream later again to show how it looks, some weather setting in mine are really high tho like thunder ex i cant see anything pass 10 ft xd cuz of smog etc

@GanjaMonster oh, so installing those does work? that’d be awesome! checking this later, thanks so much

@GanjaMonster boss just said is not supported. why are u still talking about this?

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@GanjaMonster boss just said is not supported. why are u still talking about this?

Why do you have to act like a prick?

We do not support it, doesn’t mean it can’t be used with FiveReborn.

@Boss ima just act like u did just say that and move on. lol

@GanjaMonster my mistake, i guess u CAN use gta redux with fivereborn. continue my friend

@GanjaMonster pretty sure the installer.oiv uses mods folder for REDUX

it does it gives you the option that is correct but in the readme it says to do it in GAME FOLDER specifically yea you can work around it but the extra gameconfigs it installs might cause issues

@GanjaMonster It says game folder, but if you look in the .oiv file you will see there is a mods folder with everything in it.

soon i almost have a stable version of it just need to get the ENB working properly just in the FiveM folder besides that its almost done, of course the 4k stuff like the textures had to be removed, due to the zlib error , more then welcome to downgrade those and help me out , to host those server sided or client sided etc, but without those still looks good

Preview :

Trust me it works lol

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not supported dude lol

Yup it Works, Works really well. In my FiveM :wink:

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just cuz something is not supported does not mean it doesn’t work

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How did you do it? Please give me a tutorial for it.