Using customised sounds with PlaySound()

Hi guys, I’m making a nice script to post on the forum. Basically make a kind of disco inside the vehicles.

I have already done the lights and they are perfect. I just need some help with the music. I didn’t want to use external resources like interact-sound but take advantage of PlaySoundFromEntity(…). Is there a way to insert a streamed wav file that can be played by this function?

I thought about using the same technique as for car sounds or weapon sounds but then I wouldn’t know what to put inside the function (audioName and audioRef). I’ll pass on the pictures of the work I’ve done.




Preview of the script as it should appear with music:

(Streamable: tDisco)


You’ll have to make sounds.dat (and/or game.dat) files using CodeWalker, probably.

Do you know where I can find more information about the sounds.dat and game.dat (dat151.rel, dat150.rel and etc.) and maybe some examples of how to use/create a sound from scratch? Also about scenarios I have 0 knowledge in there. Any help is appreciated.

This is a pretty comprehensive guide on how the necessary dat.rel files work: [ Tutorial ] - How to create an add-on engine sounds dlc | Forums

And some vital documentation on a couple of the vehicle related rels, which may apply to other aspects: Monkeypolice188 · GitHub

The size and number of parameters of some of them can be fairly daunting if you’re just getting started, so my recommendation would be to identify a sound that already exists in the vanilla game that works in a similar way, extract its rels with Codewalker, and study them.

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Thanks bro