Users -> Name is being set to NULL in MariaDB (ESX, TXadmin, FiveM)

Currently, all information is being saved successfully to the users table inside my MariaDB.

Things like identifier (key), group role, bank accounts, first / last name, etc.

The only field being set to NULL seems to be the ‘name’ field.

Upon registration to the server, the user is never asked for a “name”, just First Name, Last Name and height. How does this property get populated? Is this a bug? Is there a simple way to request a name or generate one?

This field is required for functions such as /giveaccountmoney [playerID] [accountName] [amount]

Looks like I had the command wrong. The [accountName] argument in the /giveaccountmoney command actually refers to the account “type” rather than an “account name”. The mistake I was making, was trying to pass the player’s name to the [accountName] arg

Example of an account types are: “bank”, “black_money” and “money” (which represents cash)

The correct command would be:
/giveaccountmoney 1 bank 5000

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