Use failover ip on the server

I got 2 vps, 1 from OVH with an additional ip(the failover ip) and 1 from AWS (where i intend to host the server).
I created a gre tunnel between the 2 servers so I can use the AWS server with the OVH failover ip, but… I can’t manage to get the fivem server work on that ip.

My current server.cfg settings are:

endpoint_add_tcp "51.x.x.x:30120" #51.x.x.x is the failover ip
endpoint_add_udp "51.x.x.x:30120"

sv_UseDirectListing true
sv_listingIpOverride "51.x.x.x"

I tried leaving the tcp and udp default ( but when connecting it would tell me: “Failed to getinfo server after 3 attempts.” (without touching config.json)

With the server.cfg above I also had to add the following in config.json:

"forceFXServerPort": "30120"

But when connecting it will just say: “Server failed to send server variables. Error(Failed to connect to 51.x.x.x port 30120: Connection refused - CURL error code 7 (Couldn’t connect to the server))”

I would appreciate if someone could help me.

Do you ever fix this or know how to fix It now? Having the same problem with ovh and failover ip

Nope, just gave up :frowning:
I am using a dedicated server atm