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Department of Exodus Role Play is a public serious roleplay community based in the State of San Andreas.

We are a relatively new server, being conceived in December of 2019 by myself and the current owner. We currently have two law enforcement departments, BCSO & SAST, both of which are operational. We also have a fire department (SAFR) which will be opening relatively soon. We host weekly patrols, mostly on the weekends, and have a fully functional Discord server, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/wUbEUUpGh6. We use a TeamSpeak server for RTO, and we have a fully functional FiveM server, connect link here: cfx.re/join/5o4r5d. I recommend joining the Discord as that is where we notify of our patrols. If you join the server and want to be notified of patrols, consider joining the Discord, where you can be notified about patrols, chat with other members or staff members, and apply to departments.

Rules: DOERP Rules - Google Документи


  • Public Server
  • Scripthook Disabled
  • Custom vMenu Permissions
  • Custom & Default Interiors
  • HUD: Area of Patrol, Player Location Display, Time, Nearest Postal, Car Health, Fuel, Player Overhead Names & Blips Disabled
  • Custom EUP (menu not in use)
  • Custom Civilian Cars: Diamond Casino & Resort Vehicles, Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles, Cayo Perico Heist Vehicles, and a fair amount of real life vehicles.
  • Lore-Friendly Departments & Custom Real Life Law Enforcement & Fire Services Vehicles
  • Jail System
  • Civilian Menu: BAC, Inventory, Props
  • Law Enforcement Menu: Breathalyzer, Search, Props, Cuff, Drag, Seat & Unseat
  • /911 Command
  • Custom Chat Commands: /me, /ooc, /tweet, /postal (gives a GPS to desired postal)
  • /hu & /huk
  • Emote Menu & /emote
  • Custom Keybinded Abilities

We currently have no 100% working CAD/MDT system at the moment, it is one of our priorities. If anyone has any suggestions for one, please feel free to tell me any in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: As of writing, our server has little activity from members and we are in desperate need of routinely active players. If you are interested in joining the server, we ask that you try to stay active in our patrols.