[Update Solved ]FiveM Exploit 29/07/2020

Hello, today I want to share something that happened to me regarding an attack that my server suffered. Perhaps it also happened to someone and I would like to request information about it here. Regards

There seems to be a new feat. A malicious user enters your server approximately 1000 times per second and your server falls to the ground like a fly.


Zap Hosting support literally told me I have to wait for FiveM to take over the exploit and patch it :triumph:

Best Regards

This should already have been fixed in the most recent server build, unless it’s a different manifestation of a similar issue.

Does ZAP provide access to the crashes/ directory?

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Hi @bluebox.alpiso & @deterministic_bubble :wave:

The fix for this specific attack may be in a version we don’t offer yet (we’re currently at 2671), we will push a new update for our FiveM Gameservers by the end of the week, that should hopefully resolve the issue :slight_smile:


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That’s right, his team offered me a solution beforehand. I am very happy with it. Thank you very much

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