😈 Up in Chicago | QB-Core | Serious Roleplay | Custom MLOS/HOODS/EUP

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:smiling_imp::globe_with_meridians: Up in Chicago :globe_with_meridians::smiling_imp:

:fire: Why Play on Our Server? :fire:
:white_check_mark: Custom Mods & Maps
:white_check_mark: Custom Scripts
:white_check_mark: Active & Friendly Community
:white_check_mark: Advanced Roleplay
:white_check_mark: Custom Hoods
:white_check_mark: Custom Guns
:white_check_mark: Custom Chicago Police Vehicles and Clothing

:red_car: Endless Adventures Await! :red_car:
:cityscape: Explore the City
:policeman: Be the Law or Break the Law
:briefcase: Start Your Own Business
:ninja:t3: Create Your Own Gang

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:link: Connect with Us:
:star2: Discord: Up in Chicago
:star2: IP: Up in Chicago / Cfx.re

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:busts_in_silhouette: Bring Your Friends and Build Your Legacy! :busts_in_silhouette:

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:heart_eyes: goood server :heart_eyes:

:heart_on_fire: fire asf server