[Unreleased] Midnight Gaming {Economic Light RP, Properties, Deliveries. Multi-character} { Heavy Work In Progress}

Hello FiveM Community.
I am in joint ownership of a relatively big Level 3 discord server and was looking to create an experience suitable for our community that is not just another cookie cutter server. Genuine people looking to make a spot where people can come together as a community of gaming buddies and just have a good time

We are looking for people of any caliber of skill level for developer work (Lua, HTML, & CSS), Y-map Developer, Animation developer, Voice actors, Radio Announcers, Server Moderators, Or just anyone looking to be apart of a growing community, Find some friends to play with, and above all someone who wants to have fun

While there will be no direct Monetary compensation for any developer work we can provide other benefits that may be satisfactory to the person, (benefits will be discussed per developer)

I have gotten down the roadwork for a server. Multicharacters, Garage, Parking, Deliveries, Drugs, Ambulance job, cellphone, Vehicle tuner and several other small resources not worth mentioning really

I Will not be accepting any donations directly/indirectly for FiveM. Any donations will be considered as a donation toward Midnight Gaming as a whole. And not any one individual server

There will be absolutely NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS No ability to buy anything in-game.
Everything will be unlockable via game-play./level… How it should be.

Any donations for the server will not have any affect on game-play progression what so ever.
The most you will get out of a donation will be recognition and appreciation for supporting our community as a whole

If you are interested in joining us. Developer or player alike By all means please contact me by leaving a reply down below. Or sending me a DM through the forum.


  1. Be a decent human being
  2. Don’t create/bring on unnecessary drama
  3. Bring Pizza

Preferred method of contact would be my discord, which will be given upon request on the forum
Hope yall have an amazing day/night (its 4:am currently :smiley:)

Bump! I am looking for people again as of today :smiley: