[Universal Menu] Debugging Menu Module

Since I made this for personal use I figured why not release it anyways as it’s somewhat useful.


  • It’s a menu! :ooo

  • Everything is toggleable!

  • Optional Whitelist to limit access to a few people (see config.lua)

  • Print / Draw Coords, Health, Armor, Speed or Model of Player, Player’s Vehicle or nearby Ped / Vehicle / Prop

  • Draw information on screen about all nearby peds / vehicles / objects

module_debug.zip (7.0 KB)

Requires Universal Menu!


Good stuff As usual @pongo1231 Ill test it out!
Again keep up the good work !

Damn this is handy. Nice work!

I need to have this!!! NOW

does it come with that low resolution/texture quality?


Intel HD Life

do i need


Ofcourse But you need the

menu as well

any reason why its not showing anything in game ? im not getting any prints anywhere

Nice one !

Bruh your running on Intel hd Wow!

howd you open?