Unity RP ZA - A South African Server Serieous About Our Roleplay (18+)

:palm_tree: Unity RP ZA :palm_tree:

  • South African Themed And Based
  • Strict Role Play
  • 18 +
  • Custom Cars
  • Custom Clothing, hair, accessories (especially for females)
  • 35+ Different Jobs Categorized Into 4 Categories (Whitelist Jobs, Job Center Jobs, Non Job Center Jobs, Illegal Jobs)
  • Advanced Drug System
  • Purchasable Houses And Furniture
  • Player Owned Mechanic Shops (5 Different Ones)
  • Player Owned Dealerships (5 Different Ones)
  • Player Owned Gas Stations (Many)
  • Player Owned Pick n Pay Stores, Pharmacy’s and Bottle Stores (Many)
  • Player Owned Ammunation
  • Player Owned Trucker Company’s
  • SAPS (Police)
  • ER24 (EMS)
  • Custom Liveries For Cars
  • Custom Uniforms For Whitelist Jobs
  • Loads more unique qualities!!!

We have a very friendly and supportive community! If you want to join our community, head over to our website where you can read our rules and then fill out an application!!