Unique GTAV RP Experience

This server offers an experience unlike any I’ve encountered on a GTAV RP server before. It is custom coded to play like an MMO where the player earns xp as well as money for almost everything they do… and there are lots of things to do! Police work, criminal activities, civilian work is only the start. The server offers hobbies and ownable businesses that can make you rich, server-wide events to keep you invested in RP. There are giant global events that envelop you in an overarching storyline, down to personal, admin assisted storylines. There are always updates coming that improve life in Genesis.

The best part for me though is the community here that not only made me stay because it felt like home, but made me want to be a staff member here as well. If you decide you want to give us a try, be sure to take advantage of the ambassadors that are available to help you when you first arrive.

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