Unique Clothing Shop

Cost: €25.00 | €30.25 excl. VAT
Tebex URL: https://store.rcore.cz/package/4337820

Clothes shops are a unique resource that will change the way your clothing works. It’s specific with sections for parts of clothes and also a lot of options like job-specific shops or specific whitelist or blacklist for one section or global for all of them, also you can simply use society to make revenue from buying clothes. As well clothes shop will work with your ESX server as well as default esx_clotheshop. Last word… We have dark mode!


  • ESX 1.1
  • ESX 1.2 (final)
  • EXM

Clotheshop features

  • shops with sections
  • whitelist and blacklist for the section or global
  • job-specific shops
  • fully support addon clothes
  • using default esx_datastore property for saving clothes
  • scripting API for change notification




Looks awesome! Will check it out! Nice release!

this script is blocked ip?

You can change it on their website

is this script obfuscated?

yes it is

Yes, but very configurable :slight_smile:

Good idea but have similar thinks to can be add

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Is this remotely loading code?


Can it be triggered for character creation aswell?

Hi, we are using IP verification with request, it can be used for one server.


Its experimental feature that can be found at our docs at our discord but its not fully implemented. It will be in next versions

I don’t think you got my question. IP verification is required for paid resources, but does it require some code to be downloaded from your website/webserver to be able to use it?

Sorry for late response lot of work, last version is not using remote loading, its forbidden from fivem TOS, we only check for IP.

Love the script. Question - where do I find that script for the cash or card payment method? I been looking everywhere and I am not finding it.

Thats included in script

hello, if i buy this script can i edit as i want?

Nice release!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Idk how I missed this. Looks sick!