Uninstall FiveM

How to uninstall FiveM because I had a problem and i want to uninstall for install again but i can’t uninstall

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Looks for the FiveM Application Data folder and delete it.



I’m having the same problem, except I deleted all traces of it and when I go to reinstall it still says that it’s installed.


Please do the following steps to fully install FiveM,

Delete both FiveM.exe and The FiveM application data folder.

Make a brand new folder and drop the .exe in there, then run it.

Hopefully that helps.


Thank you, that fixed my installation problem. Now I have it puled up, but it won’t open now. I see a ui folder, dlclist and gameconfig docs

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Did you receive any error message?

No I just don’t have an app to open. I have all the files, but there isn’t a file for the game itself.

Did you redownload the .exe and run it?

Remember that both the files and the .exe needed to be deleted. And then you run the newely downloaded .exe.

Why can’t i delete FiveM Application Data?? Help

You should be able to delete it with ease, what does it tell you when you try to delete it?

i hae the exact same problem, but when i try to uninstall the fivem app data it says something in it is running, everything is closed on task manager? PLEASE HELP!!!

it also says that i need adminastrators permission when im the admin, in fact im the only account.

Just delet all the FiveM folders, and download the ¨.exe¨ again, put the .exe in one folder and install. :slight_smile:

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I also have a problem uninstalling Five M because I can’t delete the files. I have deleted some files but I can’t delete all of them because they are removed from their last location or I don’t have any permissions to delete them. I just don’t know what to do… I only wanted to uninstall so I could install it again because every time I started Five M, I got an error (error: 5). Should I use Revo uninstaller? Or won’t that help either? I already tried to destroy it with my security program, that didn’t work out either.
And when I try to install Five m again, I then too get an error. I would really appreciate some help. (Sorry for my broken English)

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