Underground Racing Server | Hiring Developers

Hi everyone, we are a small team creating a FiveM Racing RPG server, focused on competitive racing with progression and economy.

We have spent 200+ hours creating advanced arcade-sim handlings for the best racing experience possible with GTAs physics system.

It is important that every aspect of the server has a cohesive aesthetic, which is why we want to work with a scripter rather than just paying for the scripts (off course the job will get compensated),
but we are looking for a more involved developer that will be invested in the project as we are.

The Features we focused to develop at the moment are:

  • Complex race system,
  • Advanced crews system,
  • Advanced garage system,
  • Dealership system,
  • Freeroam features/activities,
  • XP/ progression system,
  • Economy,
  • General Server managing (frameworks/databases/steam connections/etc…).

We have alot more features planned for the server but would be much easier to discuss further details over a discord call, so if you are really intrested in this project or you think you have some usefull competences don’t hesitate to contact us on discord where we can showcase more concepts and ideas that we have prepared: Fedraik#2268 / reachy#9810 .