UndeadCore is looking for an available developer

Hello dear developers,

I’m looking for a competent developer, preferably french or english in second * and be of legal age 20+, to help me in the development of my current core framework made.

The framework is very well advanced and already functional, nevertheless I’m looking for help for this adventure.

The framework using 10 scripts runs at 0.05ms for information, and it is extremely otpimized and in lua, easy to understand. (respawn, clothes, skin, inventory, identity, core, stable, stores, economy, survival and more…)

The project is not paid, but in the future it can be.
The project have not date to release yet.
The entire project is homemade by me.

Website: https://undeadcore.com/
Community: https://community.undeadcore.com/

Thank you for your participation.