Ultrunz - Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club MLO

This is an interior I made for the ‘Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club’. Only 9 rooms are accessible and there are 3 different sized rooms.

It’s another fairly old MLO I made. But I just wanted to share a few with you all:slight_smile:

Again, I hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

I do not give permission to edit /reupload any of my files.



ult-yachtclub.rar (15.1 MB)


Awesome work as usual !

Are you on fire these days releasing so much of your work ?

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I mean, he did say that these are old and he decided to release them to other people.

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This is just spectacular work. Bravo.

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Great work! Thanks!

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Not sure I understand what you mean. Just giving back some old maps to the community.


Yessir! I just tried the rehab center, and now this! Awesome work man!

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As Scythe mentionned, I wasn’t aware that you where releasing some of you olds maps.

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Mans works NEVER fails to amaze me, Keep up the good shit!

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name of doors prop?

I need to know the name of the door props in order to close them. Someone help me?

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i second that, we need the door prop names

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For sure one of the best ymaps i’ve ever installed. Wow it works great!

You found it?

This MLO have occl problem no in the second etage?