[UK] UNRULY RP | Economy Driven | Car Culture | Racing | Crime | Gangs | Whitelisted / Non Whitelisted Jobs |

I’d like to welcome you all to UNRULY RP, where we aim to deliver something a little different to the norm.

If staying on the right side of the law is how you make your money then we have a bunch of jobs and activities for you to take part in, such as:

  • Deliveries
  • Hunting
  • Player owned businesses ( Dealerships, Mechanic garages )*
  • Whitelisted careers ( Car dealer, Police, EMS, Mechanic )*
    *More planned and willing to work with people on creating opportunities

Now if all that isn’t quite up to your speed then we also offer a number of less than legal ways to make money:

  • Grow, harvest, produce and sell drugs to NPCs or other players either in bulk for a quick buck or break it down to make more money.

  • Steal high end cars for profit or to keep.

  • Craft guns to arm you and your crew or sell to other players.

  • Rob convenience and jewellery stores.

  • GTA-esque heists and missions.**
    **Bank heists coming soon.

  • Fence illegal animal products from Hunting

While we don’t have ‘Whitelisted Gangs’, we do allow and promote the formation of groups, be that a street crew, car crew, MC, or some kind of private military and are willing to work with the ones that stand out and bring something to the city, whether that’s creating an environment for them to hang out and work from such as a compound, garage or creating custom clothing or vehicles for them to use in the city.

By ‘Whitelisted Gangs’ I’m referring to groups that are given free reign or the city or given exclusive control of a resource such as drugs, guns and so on, we believe that if you want to run a certain resource you have to work for it as you would in real life.

We do not believe in anyone having a free ride.

We have a growing car scene with an in-depth way to upgrade and make your vehicle unique:


Each part here is an item that can be crafted and installed:

As well as making your car faster and handle better you are able to adjust the ‘stance’ of your vehicle, adjusting the height, camber, wheel width and track width.

There are also a number of ‘addon’ vehicles, with prices reflecting real life as much as possible:

We are currently in the works of setting up a schedule for periodic races, this will consist of everything from solo circuit races to duo rally races and team endurance races.

Each event will have a number of prizes, ranging from cash to highly sought after vehicles.

Of course you could also arrange your own race or go 1 on 1 and take it to the streets.

As we are a fairly new server in terms of how long we have been ’ live ’ we have many opportunities that need to be filled including Staff, Police, EMS and Mechanics as well as opportunities for players to purchase businesses.

If you’re interested in joining or just want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to join the Discord and give myself or the Staff a message.

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Still looking for Admin & Staff.