UK G4S Security Guard (Ped)

UK Based G4S Security Ped

g4sped.rar (4.3 MB)




hey dude do you know how to lower textures of peds on fivem? as one ped i have loss textures think its down high polycount.

Yes, you need to get OpenIV, u then need open your YTD file in OpenIV and export all the textures to somewhere. You then need to look at the largest textures and open them in paint, and just decrease the texture size. Because in FiveM, I believe you cannot stream assets that are over 16mb, so u need to make sure that you decrease the size of the YTD file below 16mb

Do you mean the size of the image? like make it smaller or change the quality of the picture?

Sorry for the late reply, i mean you need to open the image in paint on your pc and just downsize the pixels by at least half and that should do it

It’s no problem i fixed it thanks.