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Welcome to the British Outlaws Public Roleplay Server!

Imagine this…
A long long time ago you arrived in the muddy town Valentine in a land far far away called New Britonia. You have nothing but the clothes on your back and $3 in your pocket. The town is populated by locals with witty comments and strange stories. Walking around you come across a noticeboard at the train station with some advertisements on it. There you see that various companies are looking for workers, miners in various mines across the land, lumberjacks in a county called West Elizabeth, cotton pickers in Lemoyne, wool mill workers in Rhodes and construction workers in Blackwater.

At the station you talk to the man in the ticket booth wondering where the train is going from Valentine, he instead offers you to deliver some packages for him around town for some extra pocket change. As you deliver the packages you discover there is a general store where you can purchase and sell a wide selection of wares, a stables where you can purchase horses and wagons with complementary tack, a doctor’s office for when you are not feeling well, a sheriff’s office with a bounty board, a gun store with a workbench to customize your guns, a bank where you can store you dollars and gold bars, a hotel to spend the night and a saloon where you can do some work or can relax after a hard days work. In the corner stands a barber ready to give you a nice new haircut or beard trim. On the way to return the cart at the station you pass by a butcher noticing he buys pelts and carcasses of all manner of animals in return for some money and meat. Arriving at the station you meet a gentleman who is trying to sell you a coach, in return he offers you driving work if you purchase one from him. Quite a lot to do in this muddy town.

After all this hard work you are getting a bit hungry and thirsty, you find some berry bushes and some apple trees around the town, this however does not fill you very much and you long for some meaty stew cooked by a nice warm fire. Having no meat, nor materials for a fire handy you decide to follow the path to the river where you rest for a minute and drink some water. As you sit there you notice something shiny in the river, at closer inspection it might actually be gold! Getting excited you make a mental note to ask around the town where you would be able to purchase a gold pan. As you are pondering the possibilities in this new land something suddenly splashes in the water nearby, it looks like a big fish! Your stomach growls a little at the thought of eating something warm, motivating you to find some way of making money.

You remember seeing something about construction workers being needed in Blackwater. You look at your map wondering how far that is. It’s quite far to walk so you decide, whilst looking around suspiciously, to borrow a horse from a local that is minding his business along the path next to the river. You pull the man off his horse and jump on it yourself. He does not like that very much and pulls his gun on you, with no other way to defend yourself you knock him over with his own horse and the man falls unconscious. Looking around once more for any potential witnesses you are very tempted to see if he has anything in his pockets. After checking his pockets and getting a little bit of money you hide the body and make your way to Blackwater.

Arriving in Blackwater you talk to the foreman at the construction site. He tells you to do some work in different places around the construction site. At the end you hand over a clipboard with all the work you have done. He gives you around $10. You work hard for a while, get some tools and a mount and start working at the mines around the land. One gives you coal and ores, in another you find silver and gold, in yet again another you find some shiny rocks called diamonds and emeralds. You fill your pockets and head to the various stores trying to sell you wares but no one will have the shiny rocks. You ask around and eventually get told about to some lady in the lawless desert lands. You hunt for some meat now having some weapons on your belt, make some provision for the journey around your campfire and set off.

The journey was long and very warm but eventually you find her, she buys all sorts of things you have never seen before and also sells some very interesting tools that make cash registers in the store suddenly look very tempting. You take some with you thinking that it would come in handy someday.

Night is falling and you still have some way to go, you see some light in the distance and head over. Some place along the water looking inviting from afar. You couldn’t have been more wrong and realise this is not a very friendly place. Some Mexican looking men hang out on every porch. You try and ask them for a bed for the night but they don’t want to have anything to do with you. Before long they gang up on you and you have to fight for your life! Luckily you manage to find a safe vantage point to shoot them from. You come out from behind your hiding place as things seem to have quietened down and start emptying their pockets. Walking around you see a ship is docked, indicating some sort of illegal trafficking of something. You spot a door behind some crates and see a lock, getting very curious about this you take out you lockpick and open the door. Oh no! This set off some sort of alarm and all the men start coming out in drones from the houses and boat! You take what you can, whistle your horse and make a run for it.

Back in Blackwater where you sleep in the camp outside of town until you have enough money for your own little piece of land you wait for morning and head over to the Sheriff’s office. As you near the office you overhear the lawmen complaining of bank robbers and stagecoach robbers. You clear your throat getting the lawmens attention and make them aware of this gang and what they are up to…

Thank you for reading this snippet of what life could be like in New Britonia, now it’s time to make your own story so please join us!

This story is purely fictional merely to point out the various things one can experience on our server. For a more tidy overview please read below.

About us:

We are a wonderful community with an amazing active developer and a friendly staff/support team to help you with any issues you may have. We take our roleplay seriously and treat everyone fairly. Despite being a public server we heavily police it to keep any toxicity and rule breaking to a minimum. We offer monthly and weekly activities in character and new scripts and activities are being added frequently.

What you can experience:

Payroll jobs: (whitelisted)

  • Lawman
  • Doctor
  • Banker
  • Cinema owner
  • Saloon owner
  • Horse trainer
    All payroll jobs are whitelisted roles and require a certain level of maturity as well as a minimum requirement of activity per week. Can be applied for in our Discord server.

Job offers:

  • Miners - Mine anywhere there is rocks
  • Lumberjacks - Chop wood anywhere and sell for profit
  • Cotton pickers
  • Oil Workers
  • Valentine Saloon work
  • Wool Mill
  • Construction work
  • Bounty hunter
  • Postman
  • Stagecoach driver

Other jobs:

  • Hunting
  • Growing seeds
  • Feeding farm animals
  • Fishing
  • Panning for gold


  • Moonshining - sell in bulk or to NPC’s just beware they dont call the law on you!
  • Bank Heist
  • Cart robberies and other robbery missions
  • NPC looting
  • Cattle theft

Everything else:

  • Clothing store
  • Stables
  • Gunstore - with customisation
  • General stores
  • Secret NPC stores
  • Pigeon mailing system
  • Crafting
  • Fruit and herb harvesting
  • Camping
  • Treasure hunting
  • Own your own property with storage
  • Gold bars as currency for customising guns/buying horses/wagons
  • Fightclub
  • Cinema
  • Poker
  • Tickets to Guarma for a tropical experience
  • NEW: Ranching - Run your own ranch! Buy and herd livestock to “fatten up” and sell at auction, hire farmhands to help with the chores!

If this has peaked your interest and you wish to become a member of our community please join our discord!