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U4YAH Roleplay

Our vision has been consistent from the very start, and that is to maintain a server that supports the ability for anyone with any type of character backstory, to fly into our city, and be able to experience something truly unique. Our ownership, staff, and development team is active, friendly, and responsive; we always put our community first.

Serious Roleplay

U4YAH Roleplay is a serious roleplay server. What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t mean we are ban happy, or put restrictions on your character development; it simply means we are building a community of role-players that understand the depth and creativity it requires to develop a unique storyline that is fun and full of content.

Things that separate us:

-We are a CK(Character-Kill) city. This means when entering the city of Los Angeles, with whatever route you decide to take, you constantly must navigate the risk of losing your life, permanently. Now, this is completely up to you, and is never forced. Just because you are “downed” from a horrific car accident, doesn’t mean you have to CK, the decision is yours via roleplay and a unique “roleplay chat” system we have to allow you to communicate your characters wishes during a roleplay scene. For instance, imagine your player being a gang leader after weeks of grinding and gaining reputation. It is obvious you will gain some envious enemies along the way that you must always watch you back for, and move smart around the streets because of. Now, you’re driver after a store robbery gets a little too reckless and causes a bad crash in which you fly out of the window and “die”. You do not need to permanently kill your character here, we have active EMS that can help heal you and rehabilitate you, and allow you to RP your recovery out, continuing your story line. Now in a separate scenario, with the same gang character, you are caught slipping by a rival gang leader at a local gas station. He pull a gun to your head and say “tell your family they are next” before pulling the trigger. In this situation you obviously want to CK, because it makes sense and goes along with your story line. It’s all about creating good roleplay scenarios that make sense to you!

-We have a unique “RP Chat” system that allows communication further than just “/me” command. We’ve added a “/do” command and a “/scene” command as well, enhancing the scenario and allowing for more depth during a scene, without needing to ever speak OOC. This is extremely friendly for our streaming community, and it allows for a scene to smoothly develop without any forced storylines to develop. The “/me” is great for your personalized actions that do not necessarily affect others around you, such as “/me Stares vigorously at James”. The “/do” is where a lot of magic happens with consensual roleplay. This is where situations like whether or not your are going to CK is decided. For instance, when an EMS worker is performing CPR on your body, they have no clue whether or not you want you storyline to continue or not, so they would go “/do Attempts CPR, does patient begin to breathe?”, and your response would determine how they proceed, such as “/do Yes, patient begins shallow breathing.”, and so on and so forth. The “/scene” function is great for just what it says, setting the scene. When you put a “/scene” command, the text will appear and stick to the area you placed it for a period of time. So if you were to fart in an area, you can put “/scene Area would smell like ass”, and that text would hover over that area, allowing all other people that enter the area to know how to react. This “RP Chat” model was developed by our team, and inspired greatly by a well known server, YBN: Los Scandalous.

As you can see, when we say we are Serious RP, we mean we are creating smoother and more enhanced opportunities for your character to truly have more control over the scenario, shaping your storyline as it goes.

Active Police/EMS

Are you interested in Law Enforcement or Emergency Services? Our city is set up and ready to provide you with a fulfilling career! With a dedicated and active Chief of FDLA, and a Chief of LAPD; our training programs and state of the art equipment is ready to get you involved in some of Los Angeles’ finest! From detailed and organized handbooks, to customized equipment to help with your duties, you’re sure to love your job!

FDLA Unique Tools

-EMS can use wheelchairs and stretchers to properly transport patients.
-FDLA is set up with their own “MDT” or “Medical Database” to allow medical records to be kept organized and up to date on their patients.

LAPD unique Tools

-Smooth and Easy to use MDT or “Police Database” that allows mugshots to be recorded, as well as warrants and other police reports, all while giving officers suggested sentencing and fine amounts on the crimes being committed.
-Police Radar and Plate Reader in all squad cars to ensure standard patrols aren’t relying on just the eyes, our radar will tell us what speed, and our plates will tell us who owns the car!
-Gun Shot Residue testing to allow Officers to know whether or not a gun was recently shot by the suspect.
-DNA analysis, to allow officers to pick up blood from a scene and determine whos DNA was left behind.
-Shell casing analysis, to help determine what type of gun was shot on a scene, and where.

Custom Jobs

One of the most important aspects to a roleplay server is the interaction. So we dedicated our development to making sure we were able to add a variety of jobs that’ll allow a character to choose a career that fits them best, as well as promotes the opportunity to have more player interactions while working. Yes, we have a job center that allows you to get a side job that pays and gives simple tasks around the city, but we also have a plethora of player owned businesses that’ll open the possibility to either own the business or work for someone that does.

Job Center

-Garbage Truck job: allows you to go around town collecting trash for a paycheck!
-Taxi job: allows you to both pick up NPCs for a fare, or pick up players around the city and bill them!
-Reporter: allows you to work for Weazel News in an amazing custom building, drive the Weazel News truck, pull out your camera or microphone, and broadcast reports to everyones “News” app within their phone. Includes picture and video support!
-Bank Security: allows you to transport bank funds around town in an armored truck for a paycheck!


-Vanilla Unicorn(Strip club): Player owned job that has a boss menu to hire, fire, and promote employees. This unique joint has great music, drinks, and entertainment for all walks of life!
-Bennys Auto: Player owned job that has a boss menu to hire, fire, and promote employees. This is a unique place to get your ride upgraded and tricked out!
-OTF Auto: Player owned job in Mirror Park that has a boss menu to hire, fire and promote employees. Another unique place to get your ride pimped out!
-BurgerShot: Player owned business that allows you to hire, fire, and promote employees! Craft up some of the best burgers in town, and serve them to your loyal customers!
-SMG Smoke Shop: Player owned business that can hire, fire, and promote employees to sell medical marijuana to medical marijuana card holders.
-Far more to come in upcoming patches.


Our city has a unique drugs system that requires a bit of crafting/breaking down. If you intend to be a criminal involved in drug trafficking, you will need to make the right connections to know where to get the supply. Once you get the supply, you must then get the components needed to properly break it down and begin selling individual baggies to either player or NPCs for quick cash. Be careful though, LAPD may get a call of suspicious activity if someone doesn’t like your criminal ways!

Current Drugs

-Weed(legal if licensed)


We have robbery options available for our criminals that are sure to give them a nice stack of cash, but does the reward outweigh the risk? That’s up to you. LAPD has a SWAT unit on standby to make they are able to keep their community safe from criminals! Be smart, don’t alert the police!

Current Robberies
-House Robberies
-Store Robberies
-Bank Robberies


One of the major things we wanted to focus on with housing was the customization. When in the city, you are able to purchase almost any house available, and you have a plethora of options for your interior to choose from. Once the house is bought, you will need furniture! That’s why we added an Ikea store that allows you to buy from a large variety of furniture to make your house unique. Once you purchase your style of furnishings, go back home and place them wherever you wish to make your pad stand out and match your personality!

LGBT+ Friendly

The main reason we add this as a feature is because we feels it’s important to share our diversity and inclusion approach. This doesn’t mean our city is filled with the LGBT+ community, and even if it was, you probably wouldn’t know because we are role playing and who knows what their character even is! The bottom line is, we want everyone to feel comfortable and excited to join our city, no matter how they identify; that’s the point of role play! At the end of the day, we feel we don’t see enough inclusion in the many servers we’ve been apart of; so we want to address that and make sure we are always seen as welcoming to all!

And Much More

There is a lot more to be seen within our city that we didn’t explain here. We would love you to come check it out and join our awesome community. If you have any questions, find our discord at the website posted below and contact our staff, we are very responsive and happy to help!

U4YAH Roleplay is Whitelist Only

Although we are whitelist only, don’t let that scare you away. We are currently waiving all application fees until further notice, and our application isn’t aimed at being an SAT test. We simply want to know you understand the depth and creativity it takes to have a unique character within our city. If you need help, our staff is available 24/7 to guide you through the process. Our goal isn’t to keep you out, it’s to get you in! We just want to ensure our community remains exclusive to those who love to roleplay!

Thank you for your interest in U4YAH Roleplay, please see our website below for more information!

U4YAH Roleplay Official Website


We LOVE having you apart of our community and can’t wait to see you business prosper in the city! You’re a perfect fit for it! Thank you for this amazing feedback! You rock!



Best community ever!


Hi this is Tim A.K.A John Myers A.K.A Billy Longtoe… I go by many names in EuphoriaRP :laughing: . Just wanted to tell you all about my experience in the server so far. First I would like to talk about the goal/mission of Euphoria that they have set out for. There are many servers out there that offer “serious RP” but when you login and the first 5 minutes you are shot down by a ak-47 then a group of people dance around your body and shoot at it more… Yeah not really a fun time when you are trying to roleplay let alone be serious about it. Euphoria offers that and some. They take the idea of “serious RP” to heart and stick with it. It was definitely a learning curve for me because I had no prior experience to role-playing other then watching a bunch of YouTube videos, however over time I have come to apricate staying with it getting better every time I login. The community as a whole is awesome. The developers and owners are top notch been nothing but professional. They have a open door policy to the community. Anytime there was a question, concern, suggestion, ect. they were prompt to reply. They give out updates on a regular basis and they made sure everyone is well informed. EuphoriaRP is ever growing and I am proud to be apart of it. I am personally apart of the police force as well as EMS. It is definitely a juggle between the two but it is well worth it.


We LOVE having you apart of our community! Your character is an awesome fit! We love Myers and Longtoe! Thank you for being a great addition to our community!


We agree! It’s because of folks just like you that makes it that way!


They claim it to be a serious role play server, I’ve yet to come across a group or person that will actually do this. its inspired by nopixel 3.0, more like a copy and pasted model of nopixel with crappy clothing options and crappy admins that are in a close circle with each other and power trips when you challenge them. I had fun the first couple of days because i didn’t run into them. overall (2/10 RP) (1/10 server) (10/10 not playing again)


Thanks come again!


Best server in the whole wide world. This feels like family i cant ask for anymore in return. Vibes 10/10, RP 10/10, People 10/10. Admins actually care and devs do there job very well. Server owner is for the PEOPLE!!!. Couldn’t ask for a better home.


I genuinely LOVE :white_heart: :sparkles: this city and its diversity :heart: The owner is the most Moral, Kind, Godly man I’ve ever met, and I adore that he takes time out of his day to spend money on all the new shop owners, he gets involved in altercations that spread OOC to make sure that everyone is being loving and respectable towards each other, being in Euphoria is a Euphoric experience, truly! Welcoming and Fun! I’m a loyal part of this family with no regrets.


I woudent say its like nopixel


Hey look its tyler



Check out this recent video created by content teams in the city!


im on it

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The best community you will ever be in, super supportive, very friendly and very good RP. You wont find another city like it.



Check out this recent video created by content teams in the city! :sparkles: :white_heart:


the BEST city to me… good people running the sever… we have good RP and fun everrday…https://medal.tv/clips/o3E9UYzhMYTQg/vpcNo0wIJ?invite=cr-MSw0cXUsNjg3ODkzMTQs