txAdmin:Monitor (FXServer is not responding. HB Failed)

[txAdmin:Monitor (FXServer is not responding. HB Failed)

I see some one posted this i dont understand how to stop mines for crash/ restarted pls help
it look different in
i guess because it was 2020 version now we in 2022

his has been happening for ages now. I have asked people on discord, No help. I have also tried updating the server artifacts, Still doesn’t help. I really dont know why this is happening.

It keeps showing this when starting up the server, Some times, the server may crash because of this. But most of the time, once the server has started, It doesn’t show. I HAVE NO CLUE.

The Process started ##s ago keeps going up. How do I fix this problem? I am guessing it is todo with the Monitor resource, but not 100% sure. Please can someone help me out. This has only started