Tweak(gamestate/server): miscellaneous correctness changes


Change notes for release 5802

  • A case where ‘nested’ fatal errors would only show the second error got fixed to show the correct errors.
  • Error messages have been cleared up to no longer say ‘FiveM encountered an error’ as title.
  • The network graph won’t uselessly scroll anymore on some resolutions (thanks, FuseWasTaken!)
  • The close button in the ‘Network Drilldown’ window now actually closes the window.
  • A potential race condition in the Mumble audio client that could lead to a game crash got fixed.
  • C# scripting: A Mono bug leading to register corruption (commonly seen with state bag change handlers) got fixed.
  • C# scripting: Stack traces now correctly show for async exceptions.
  • FiveM: The main menu music now works again, and the volume dynamically follows profile_musicVolume changes now. Note that you can still disable the music in the main menu settings.
  • FiveM: ‘Pure mode’ now works in Simplified Chinese language.
  • FiveM: The ‘CWeaponComponentInfo’ limit was increased. (thanks, tom-gun!)
  • FiveM: Some updates for build 2699 were added:
    • Build 2699 is now the default startup build, reducing initial download size.
    • A Rockstar bug causing ‘borderless window’ mode to be misplaced on high-DPi screens has been worked around.
    • Pause menu changes for build 2699 have been applied (thanks, Freedy69!)
  • FiveM: A few native functions from community pull requests have been added:
  • RedM: Tunable checks on explosion natives in 1436.31 got fixed.
  • RedM: Some more native functions got added:
    • GET_SHAPE_TEST_RESULT_INCLUDING_MATERIAL, albeit without native-decl :frowning: (thanks, @Nikez!)