Tweak(client): some build switch resilience



Quality and reliability update

This update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and includes the following changes:

  • Reliability updates for the bundled Rockstar Games Launcher. This dependency was updated in the release before to support new environments (among which, 12th generation Intel CPUs), and this release fixes a number of regressions that showed up after the update.
  • Some general launch tweaks. This includes items such as simplification of subprocess names.
  • A few notable bug fixes for issues users encountered, such as:
    • FiveM: Race conditions in ‘native audio’ leading to a game crash.
    • FiveM: Direct-rendered UI (‘DUI’) transparency having ‘edge shadows’’, for example when used with DRAW_SPRITE (‘premultiplied alpha’).
    • All: The game freezing when dragged in windowed mode with an external window from the F8 console (such as ‘resmon’) opened.
    • All: In-game build switching showing ‘An unknown error occurred’ when a DLC file is missing, instead of the correct error message.