[tutorial] How to add custom jail map

CREDIT: @ElPumpo for esx_jailer
CREDIT: Stuart688
original link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/jail-stuart688
I do not take credit for any of these scripts this is just a guide on how to use them

this is just a simple guide on how you add a custom prison map and make people go there when they are jailed.

Heres a screenshot in-game from the jail

(ignore my character)


  • esx_policejob
  • skinchanger
  • MySQL Async


Download esx_jailer-master and follow the instructions there. (just drag into resources and add to SQL.)

Once you have the jail script added you need to change the coordinates.

Go into server/resources/esx/esx_jailer/config.lua and find Config.jaillocation (line 3) and replace the line with this:
Config.JailLocation = {x = 1793.47, y = 2482.41, z = -122.7}

NOTE: do not change config.JailBlip because then when you are unjailed you will still be inside the prison.

Now you just need to add the prison map (.ymap file)
My remade version of the jail map for FiveM:

https://files.fm/u/mxbwq8rf click on download all as a .zip file

Create a new folder and name it whatever you want, i recommend “prsionmap”. Then unzip and drag the stream folder and __Resource.lua file into it. Then just add it to resources and start it in config.cfg ( same as always)

Restart your folder name in config ( or restart server) and then it should work. :))

If someone can move this to tutorials then that would be appricited

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Can you resubmit map? Please

its pretty simple, just downlaod the original map, put it in xml to ymap transfer, drag into openIV and then youre good :slight_smile: