[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages

hi! have a probleme with the gcphone. i cant call the emergency service like police and ambulance… its not working. the people who have the job dont receive any message or position. I looked on several forums but no solution solves my problem.

I have a question for gcphone is it possible to add a Admin menu to the phone on ESX like they hve on vrp so that Admins just bring up there phone and click the admin menu to kick ban give money spawn cars what ever they need to do instead of having a separate menu it’s nicer to have it in the phone is this possible

It is possible

hello, how do i change the keybind? im extremely new to setting up servers.
any help would be appreciated.

Excuse me, I need your help . I can’t joint server because this error is the same identifier. But I make sure i play different the Rockstar account

Add the trigger event in server.lua in your job script. For example, in esx_policejob server.lua add this

TriggerEvent(‘esx_phone:registerNumber’, ‘police’, _U(‘alert_police’), true, true)


Hi , I have a problem with my phone. Phone number is not shown on the phone and
in the database. Someone knows a solution to this

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How to add caller tune to gcphone…??? Anybody Knows

not ringtone (if we call someone we can hear a tone) …How can we set that