[Tutorial] Creating and editing animations for GTAV using AnimKit

With custom props/objects I assume the skeleton doesn’t matter, right? Can just make your own.
Another question would be if you think custom animations for weapons are possible. Sorry to be bombarding with so many questions, just kinda curious.

Hey👋 First of all thanks for the tool and such a nice guide. Although Im having a bit of trouble. I’ve did the animation and exported it as an .onim file as mentioned in the tutorial, but Im unable to drag and drop the file in the AnimKit window. It doesn’t let me drop it. Not sure if this is because I messed up the skeleton or exported it incorrectly.

Edit: Nevermind figured it out. It seems like if AnimKit is launched as administrator then it doesn’t allow drag-and-drop. Fix was to just re-launch the AnimKit normally

I’m curious on the weight solver. My GIMS doesn’t actually have it for some reason anyone know why this could be?

Thank you for this guide and tool. It will be amazing

After adding the bones, just scroll down a bit. It should be right under it.

Yeah i cant see it :frowning:

If you give yourself admin permissions to the folder you are dragging from you should be able to drag it to the kit.

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By the way Disquse, I’ve sent you a DM on Disc (same name as here - Divined) with a recommendation for skin weights. Let me know what you think about it.


Hey insane work my dude it’s been 4 years i’m waiting for someone to do this, much love !

Though, 3ds max keep crashing when doing final step of “Preparing and creating a rig”

when i start AnimKit.UI i came to visual studio code

thanks for tutorial! you made my dream come true
i love u so much xoxoxoxooxox

same here, why you guys dont simple provide the rigged ped ready

*edit: seems to be related to 3ds version, 2016 here

Yeah it appears that voxel was introduced standard in 2017

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After multiple crash it ended up by working fine ! First anim done, time to learn and make something good.
Thanks a lot !

Just diving in, this is awesome. Great work to all involved. Would love to see some tutorials centered around objects in the future, the potential for animation there is huge.

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There’s not much difference between objects and peds at this point. Except for objects you most likely won’t have to create a rig.

nicely done…


(sry for mt poor eng)

I made roof animation for a vehicle, but position channel doesnt work ingame: only rotation channel works for ingame.
but interesting fact is, position channel works in openiv/codewalker rpf viewer.
I compared all of thing with vanila vehicle roof animation, but it was same.
I also chedked Flag(RotX/TransX…etc.), but those thing wasnt a problem also.
What should i do?

Can you send me your .ycd file in PMs?

i sent it

i’m not sure if its a menyoo issue from not correctly translating between coordinates, or something to do with animkit, but directly switching from a custom animation to another custom animation results in the skeleton being skewed and rotated. i’m using the freemode male skeleton.

if i dont switch between them, they both work as intended. if i switch between them then they break the bones as showcased above