[Tutorial] Compress ytd files faster and easier

This video helped me and it works on all cars… (helped me stream files faster)
From 18mb .ytd file to 5mb
Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCHENBZHMbw

1. Open up OpenIV in edit mode
2. Find the vehicle.ytd file (ex. ageraone.ytd)
3. Then Double-click it and export all textures as .png
4. Go to where you extracted the .ytd files
5. Sort by size then select all the high file sizes (Do not select purple images..)
6. Open up Photoshop or getpaint.net then drag and drop the selected files
7. Click image then Image Size
8. Change the pixel dropdown to Percent
9. Then change the value to 50
10. Export as png and overwrite the original file.
11. Go to where you edited the files.. 
12. Then select all and drag and drop it to the original.ytd file
13. Then hit ok

Note : Make sure you are on edit mode edit > edit mode


But this also comes with a big loss in quality, right?

Not anything very noticeable, or at least from what I’ve seen.

Do your really need those 4K tires you see on every second car release? Or 2K caution plates on door sills?

I call disappearing textures due to load of heavy textures “a big quality loss” instead.


Well yeah. But a decrease in main textures like doors etc. for police cars or else is also a no-go. So resizing some textures would probably be fine but the bigger textures should stay high quality, shouldn’t they?

Look up the concept of ‘texel density’.

Here’s a helpful link: https://80.lv/articles/textel-density-tutorial/

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I do this to every car that comes into my city and its brings down the streaming a lot and improves the performance of the server. I personally use paint.net for this so i can keep the imaged as .dds files

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Ill try that out!

i hear a lot of talk about polycount, is there actually a limit or an advised amount? seems very vague this area

What with ytf and ydr files?

Why not blue images? does it break something if we reduce these too?

Anything with static color is either a dirtmap or something else. but as far as i know it is a dirtmap.

you can only compress ytf and ydr files if it is unlocked.

still slow and complex
if need compression multiple map/vehicle must be a hard question
hope a easy program for compression QwQ

Multiple vehicles? Just get the highest size png. then compress it or program a python program to do it all for you :slight_smile:

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aww man the video is gone. thanks for the instructions :smiley:

oof! just follow my instructions lol

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tutorial python??


program a python program to do it all for you