Trying to use new C# mono V2 environment

Hi !

Glad to try the new C# mono V2 environment, I’m stuck with this problem:

But I have create a new project, and no nuget package added to this project.
Before to get this error, I get anoter error because CitizenFX.Core.Client has been loaded in addition of other mono V2 DLL. So I have clear my nuget package locally and now I show this error.
Does the FxDK itself define global packages for all Visual Studio projects ? :thinking:

So, for now, can’t try api V2 :sob: :sob: :sob:

The V2 is currently not on nuget
Heres a guide on how to set it up using visual studio

Yes ^^ it’s that I made, then I have this problem !

Make sure that the nuget packages are not installed.
Did you also try to run the package restore. As what the error is saying?

Yes I tried that too ^^ but I have a message telling me that no package has been added in this project :confused:

Hmm odd one, maybe you can try clearing your nuget cache?

In visual studio, Tools > nuget package manager> package manager settings and click on clear all nuget caches.

Already made too ^^ before that I have an error because the spacename CitizenFX.Core.Client exists in two references, so Visual Tudio load the package dll from my user folder.nuget :confused: but after clearing it the error I have send are coming :thinking: it is as if the package is installed on the project while it is not there :confused:

Stackoverflow save me :

I have used an alread existing script, so bin and obj are not empty…now no problem !
Good to known… :face_exhaling: