Try the new native reference preview

We’ve just launched a preview of the new and improved FiveM native reference. The old one will continue to be available for the foreseeable time, for compatibility reasons, and the new one will replace it once more functionality is implemented and community feedback has been handled.


  • The new one should load a lot faster.
  • You can use T to focus the search box.
  • You can use Up/Down arrows to select the previous/next native.
  • The search box searches both names and descriptions.


A few examples of nice-looking natives to showcase the functionality when used with new native documentation specifications:


B-E-A-utiful! Great work on this new page, can already tell I’m going to enjoy it! :heart:


Looks great, but descriptions search doesn’t seem to work.

Hmm, it appears on SET_SCRIPT_GFX_ALIGN scrolling doesn’t work with the length of the documentation of the native. I’m on Firefox if that helps.

What search entry did you write, and what were you hoping to find?

This seems to be a Firefox bug with overflow-y: auto in combination with the parent elements, the scroll bar ‘grows in size’ while in the developer tools the element size does not change at all. It works fine on Edge and Chrome.

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This one is alot better and in a cleaner fashion.

Basically any native on lua.
Set_Enable_Handcuffs finds the right native, SetEnableHandcuffs finds nothing.

It appears that whatever is inside the code/syntax preview box is not searchable, while the rest of the description is.

This is looking good. Can’t wait to check it out on PC.

Also does this mean we can search natives without putting underscores everywhere???


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Looking smexy, however, it would be great if you could move over the vertical scroll bar for the natives since on load it is off the screen for me, and you must first scroll horizontally to reveal it.

  1. You should swap those two columns with searching field as well. It feels really unnatural to use it.
  2. Add slider to change column’s width.
  3. Performance improvements are significant, great job!

Now THAT’S an improvement and a half! Good work guys

Would love to see some responsive design in the new documentation page. I knew I can’t be the only one that visits it on mobile…

There’s no way a column-based design can be made ‘responsive’. Instead, we removed device viewport stuff so it pretends to be a desktop, on sufficiently-large phones this is usable now.

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It’s actually a good bit better. Thanks!

nice work
20 characters

Kewl but you know 20 chars so…


After using it for a few days, I found that showing API by category (PED, STREAMING etc.) was a helpful feature.

That feature has existed even in the previous iteration of the native reference webpage.

Is it open-source? There is definitely options for mobile responsiveness.