TruckerJob-L [ESX] [FREE]

Hello Dear CFX user, im Waschmaschvanlu or ludaro im new to lua/fivem coding and worked myself on a Truckerjob that im gonna release publicly and work upon! <3

About the script:
im german, so dont mind if there are spelling mistakes or problems in the resource from the english side, the code shouldnt be looked upon aswell its very “makeshift” and i learned alot from it and will recode it upon further editing the resource still runs at 1ms idle in resmon so its okay.
this resource is only released for me to learn how to release, and how it works, and to get alot of feedback/tips any ideas or suggesstions will be worked upon and im happy if you reply to this thread and tell me what u think about it even if its mostly negative, learning by doing! <3

If you need any help, just contect me on my discord:

The Features include:

  • Making your own jobs for the Truckers (config.lua)
  • Getting your Own Truck (with leasing if you dont have a truck bought if wanted)
  • Custom Notifications are easy to setup

Github / Download

i did read the cfx post FAQ and im sure ive got everything covered :wink: except the optimized code, but im gonna fix it as soon as i can <3

everything is changable in the config

Showcase video:

CFX is telling me to Answer this if im selling my resource but Im not Selling a resource, but filling out some stuff about my resource is still awesome so here ya go :wink:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements NativeUI-Reloaded
Support Yes (Discord) Sukra & Ludaro Scripts
Supported ESX-Versions ESX 1,2 + ESX Legacy (1.4-2.0)


there is no video right now but im gonna add one :wink:

Video added :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion.

Good script , I’m going to try tomorrow in my server !

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im glad you like it, if there is any issues just write them on the github or here :wink: im glad to give you a nice experience!

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Check my GitHub , probably we can make one script together :call_me_hand:t2:

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under which version is es_extended ?

cant start this script:

[ script:TruckerJobL] Error loading script server.lua in resource TruckerJobL: @TruckerJobL/server.lua:110: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)
[ script:TruckerJobL] stack traceback:
[ script:TruckerJobL] @TruckerJobL/server.lua:110: in main chunk

can you help ?

I add the SQL

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can u make it qb core

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i have never worked with qbcore before, it should be pretty easy if u want to do it yourselfs, its just swapping out the notifications (which are already modular) and the ESX.Game.SpawnVehicle, im on it chef! but dont wait for it, it can take me a couple weeks because ive never worked with qb before <3

Heyo! Sure, let me just look it up real quick <3

hm… that error is wierd, are u sure u got Config.OldESX on true? if not try disabling it and answering here again ill look up on you <3

it should work from esx 1.2 - 1.7. :slight_smile: idk about essentialmode. ill add that in the post real quick

We use esx 1.2
Config.OldESX is on true

Oh yeah! i got the answer now, its my bad, it will be fixed now, im pushing an update now

go into your fxmanifest, and remove line 11 (and the “,” on line 10)
this is because i used esx legacy, and this doesnt work with legacy the whole script should work fine tho :wink:

Firstly, Thank you! i will contact you later, thats a generous offer! and im happy that ur giving me that <3

Sorry but didnt Work the same error :confused:

Heyo, im trying to find the fix right now, ill answer u if i got one, but try redownloading the script :slight_smile:

I try it, but error its same, i send u a pm with the errors

Heyo! just to tell you, the script works fine now, just download the update on the github, it was a mistake from my side, im sincerely sorry that this happened! <3 just update it and run the update.sql thats included, thank you for reporting the bug! <3