Trouble running multiple (cloned) servers

Hi all,

I’ve just started running my own server on an EC2 instance. It’s gained some traction and has users online most hours of the day, so I’ve set up another EC2 instance as a “test” server to make updates and try them out before applying them to my “live” server. To do this I’ve just made an image of my “live” server and copied it to my “test” instance, and changed the sv_hostname to “test [blah blah]”. However I’ve found if I run both servers concurrently, searching and attempting to connect to the “live” server by sv_hostname ends up connecting me to “test”. I’m unclear why this is happening, and I’m wondering if there’s another config that needs to be changed in server.cfg. These servers are each on a different VM with a different public IP - I do not have this issue when searching by IP in the FiveM browser, only when I try to search by sv_hostname.

Each server needs a unique license key. Create a second key for your second server

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Thanks for the response! I had tried that, however it doesn’t seem to have solved the problem. I find that I don’t run into this issue if I change the ports on my test server (30120 -> 30121), but I’m just not sure why that makes a difference.

Your main and test need to be on diff ports.