Transparent Chat window

hey guys i want to make the chat window of the new fx server transparent. what do i need to change in the chat/index.css? or where can i find the file that i need to edit?

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I think it’s in the default config JavaScript file (it’s called something like default-config.js).

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Make a copy of the file called default-config.js, rename the now copied file to config.js, edit it in notepad/notepad++, and change the line that says background: 'rgba(52, 73, 94, 0.7)', to background: 'rgba(52, 73, 94, 0.0)',


How do I move the chat window to the right side of the screen?

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in the css I believe


In the resources\[system]\chat\html\index.css file, modify line 35 from:

  left: 15px;


  right: 15px;

how do i add coustom Font?

Thank you, means alot that people care to help.

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#app {
  font-family: 'Lato', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

You change the font-family. It can be found on Line 26

and thats it i just change that? or do i have to add the font font?

dont i have to add the actual font somewhere else?

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Where do we find default-config.js in the fivem server folder?

fx-server-data/resources/[system]/chat/html index.css