Transferring assets from Co-Owner to Owner

So my co owner has bought 2 assets and we are trying to transfer them to me as im the owner of the server. We did what everyone has said to do. The only issue we are having is receiving the Confirmation Email after we put my keymaster name in. It states that a confirmation email will or has been sent but nobody has seen it. This has been over 12hrs since the transfer and we have received nothing. Any help or lead in a better direction than asking help from the script owner them selves on where he paid for the script.

The email should be sent to the person transferring the assets , to the person receiving. If he doesnt confirm by email then the asset wont go to you.

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Check spam, and all your alternative inboxes.

If you don’t receive it in the next day or two, you likely never will.

You’ll need to contact support via Wait times for a response are currently 3+ months. I think CFX has a specific email for assets transfer issues, but I don’t remember what it was, but I believe it forwards to support anyways.

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Okay thank you. And your more than right. We will prolly never see that Transfer of
Ownership. I will check that side of the Forum Thank you sir!

And thats what we was thinking as well. He has searched his Inbox and Spam Folders. He hasn’t received anything himself either. We have double checked the account email to make sir they were accurate too.