Transfer back MLO it is not mine

I have an MLO that is not mine. I would like to return it to the person it came from. I don’t use the MLO in my server, I have no option to return it in a transfer. Can someone help me?

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Just delete it bro, so it will never get spread out all over the internet. The person you got it from, already has a copy :slight_smile:

The thing is… that mlo is on my account now and i want it to give it back. It is transfered to my account but it is not mine.

Ahh, you can actually send it from “granted assets” -

But if you dont have contact with him anymore, that seems a bit difficult. maybe hit him his name up here ?

I have contact with the person from this mlo but is not possible to send it back. I see the “Transfer to another account” but i cannot click on that button.

that is because someon transferred it to you… an asset can only be transferred once