There are no trains in my five reborn server. Does anyone know why? We want to stop the train with stickybombs :wink:

The scripts aren’t loaded.

which scripts?

Server scripts are not loaded.

As far as I know, we dont have any scripts in my server.

@Marijn said in Trains:

As far as I know, we dont have any scripts in my server.

No, FiveReborn doesn’t load these scripts that are required for the train to run.

Which script do you mean?

or wich config file?

The R* scripts that makes the train drive.

Will trains be integrated in the future?

Doubt it… not sure. I’ve seen some natives with involving trains though.

For example;


Hashes: 0x80D9F74197EA47D9 0xD461CA7F
void SET_RANDOM_TRAINS(BOOL toggle) // 0x80D9F74197EA47D9 0xD461CA7F

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Which script, i cant find it. I’m a bit of a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

To get one on the track in singleplayer, you use CREATE_MISSION_TRAIN; do you think these functions exist in the current natives?


Hashes: 0x63C6CCA8E68AE8C8 0xD4C2EAFD
Vehicle CREATE_MISSION_TRAIN(int variation, float x, float y, float z,
BOOL direction) // 0x63C6CCA8E68AE8C8 0xD4C2EAFD
Train models HAVE TO be loaded (requested) before you use this.
For variation 15 - request:


— MarkViolla

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What would the syntax look like for this in C#? I am placing it within NativeUI

You shouldnt use NativeUI?

So, instead, I should…


Instead you should do serversided stuff!

How do I script my mods to simply work in a server? I am used to putting my functions in a menu.

LUA! dude, sorry i’m late lol