Trainer not working

I does not work when i load into a single player game with number lock active and spamiing all Fkeys. However, it works when I join a multiplayer session.

@PhantomPhase do you have script hookv ont the gta v directory?

Just tried with scripthook in the gta v directory and no luck.

@PhantomPhase Are you talking about FiveReborn, as our mods should be in the plugins directory.

@kanersps It was working yesterday when i have the trainer inside the plugins folder but today no luck

@PhantomPhase What did you change from yesterday? :wink:

@Boss Only one car mod and when i tried switching it back still no luck

@PhantomPhase correct me Im wrong but you installled FiveReborn. Verified your game files, multiplayer (/FiveReborn?) is working just fine but your singleplayer broke? You CAN play the game but your trainer wont work?

What trainer are you using? Some trainers may not work on certain servers. If that is what you are talking about, Menyoo for instance dosent work on a server i was on earlyr. That might be your problem.

@Boss I can use the trainer fine in FiveReborn Multiplayer but when i invoke-levelload the trainer doesn’t show up

I’m having the same problem. EnhancedReborn1.asi is in my plugins folder, er-config.xml in my FiveReborn folder, even tried with it in my GTA5 folder. Using invoke-levelload, but no trainer shows up when pressing F1. I’ve used both multifive and FiveM and never had this issue. Reinstalled FiveReborn twice. Still nothing.