Traffic Manager - Vehicle Node Editing & Traffic Control

greatest thing since sliced bread!

there are a few places where it doesnt seem to work eg here i tried to divert traffic down the dirt track off the freeway which didnt work, but for intersections etc its great

What you mean there’s no NPCs in onesync infinity ? have you tried it ?

+set onesync_population boolean ?

You never stop learning.
Don’t know this. Sorry;)

Is this the way I would restrict access using ace permissions?

add_ace identifier.steam:########## command.trafficmenu allow

Head to the GitHub & check out the ReadMe there
Lists the ace permission it uses

I have the same problem

add_ace group.admin TrafficManager.Access

I did that, it didn’t work

I have forked this resource and added ESX capabilities!

Enjoy the release, and @antediluvian awesome script!

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Looks awesome, great job :smiley:

This is an awesome resource! It works wonders on emergency scenes

I have a few notes/suggestions:

  • The open menu button configuration doesn’t seem to be working. I set it to be F1 in the fxmanifest.lua file and it didn’t work.
  • Add an option to reset all traffic nodes to default
  • Add a cursor or reticle for the controller to know which node you are editing in sky view

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When you use a controller in-game… instead of being able to click on individual nodes it just toggles the one that is at the center of your screen.

Also, a really cool feature would be able to modify the server’s traffic density live without having to restart the server.

Maybe use this:

I have an issue where I can’t see any of the nodes in the editor but I can toggle on and off.

Anyone has a guess?

Rly great script mate!! But those changes are not saved after server restart. Is there any possability?

Hello, can you update the link to the latest release from github? Its showing this


From the Installation section from #1.

Does anyone have a download for this?