TR simple Visuals and VisualV

So im back again for my 100th post today… I need help with TR Simple Visuals. It is a shader and ENB so it says to put in GTA V main directory. I know VisualV goes (Citizen/Common/Data but where would i put TR Simple Visuals?

@Horhey ENB and ReShade are not supported.

@NotGigo Yes they are i have used VisualV in the past and alot of people use it to.

@Horhey VisualV isn’t an ENB. It’s a graphical mod that comes with one, but the ENB it has doesn’t work with FiveReborn, neither do other ENBs or ReShade configs.

@NotGigo Ohh yes sorry i know what you mean now

watch that and tell me again it doesn’t work LOL stop saying it when you don’t know please, you would have to follow the scripthook paths for it so put the ENBSERIES and RESHADE folders in gta v dir like u would for the game then the .dll and .fx files and all that put in both gta v dir and then in plugins/scripts and it should work there for ENB only , reshade on the outher hand will case crashes if certain files are used for it, it will overlap the FiveR loading screen and give a Script error i forgot the exact files but i know its the reshade files so try to avoid that or u might crash , make sure to install all the other files for VisualV but that will require a mods folder due to reborn not supporting certain files in their directory .

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@GanjaMonster Is there a way to get other Reshade mods like NaturalVision to work as well?

other ones i got assertion issues with this mod thats the only one i got working with 5R

Reshade mods are incoming. Please hold…

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Sure, in 2019 :mascot: