|TPRP| (esx) GTA V RP server welcoming new citizens! |TPRP|

TPRP is an esx-based server.

Whitelisted cops, EMS, and mechanics



Movie Theatre

Server Events

Slot machines

Legal jobs

RP-to-find illegal jobs

Purchasable Properties

Active Admins!

Custom cars

We are adding more all the time!

Stop by and check us out. We would love to have you <3


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Discord? TeamSpeak? Website?

These would be helpful for people to get in touch with you :slight_smile: :mascot:

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TPRP is adding stuff every day and we would love to have new people :slight_smile:

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tprp? that’s creepy. my old server was called the people’s republic of policing (abbreviated to TPRP)

There has also been Twitch Paradice Roleplay (TPRP)

Yeah someone thought that was us and I’m like NOOOOO

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it’s pretty good ! :smiley:

It’s really good! nice admins, good mods, active player base through out the day

Really fun server to play on. Especially the people.

Honestly,server has had a lot of up and downs with stability, other wise when the server is full its enjoyable, server owner is not really co-operative and needs to be more in character when playing in character, things are not being “added in everyday” but are slowly been added in, which can be seen as a good thing, don’t want things rushed in causing server problems, admins are alright, mods are alright, cops can be a bit… not copish thinking they are the law. However you do get some good cops which can do really good rp, players in the server are no problem. Final verdict, give it a go, numbers are not to high atm, its worth giving it a shot, and have fun.

Thank you for your review! We always appreciate feedback so we can continue to improve. Please feel free to message the owner via discord to resolve the issue with the lack of cooperation :slight_smile: we aim to please at tprp!

Not been on TPRP long but it is a really good server. Some of the RP is first class, some reaally good folk on the server
Really liked the staff team they are really hands on, there is always one available if you need one.
After trying a few server I reckon TPRP will be my home for RPing. Hopefully many many updates and features to come

<3 <3

Great server, fun plugins very good RP for a non-whitelisted server the server has some issues from time to time but the owner does everything in her power with her staff to fix them as quickly as they can

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I cannot seem to find the server on fivem

It’s listed as Tormented Phoenix Roleplay

how can you add items on tprp_base, im just trying to add the WEAPON_BZGAS, it’s not working