Too many archetypes leading to LOD/SLODs displaying

Having too many archetype definitions will lead to LOD/SLODs displaying or aka ‘playdough’.


This can be reproduced in under a minute of joining the server.
Reproduction resource: (196.7 KB)


  • Download the attached resource.
  • Start the downloaded resource.
  • Connect to your server, and you will see the issue when moving to a high-density area.
    (E.g. X: 605.07, Y: -96.69, Z: 71.65 as seen in the image)


  • This was tested on the release channel and the game build set to b2545.
  • Each .ytyp file included contains 1000 unique archetypes.
  • Only the reproduction resource & vMenu were used here (+cfx-server-data resources)
  • Creating as a separate report from LOD / SLOD Texture issues since that post appears to focus on duplicate archetypes, and this is post referencing another cause.
  • This is a realistic scenario. Whilst the report exuberates the issue, and may seem far fetched, it’s something we experienced not too long ago. Can trivially happen with enough weapons, vehicles, maps, etc.


  • Turning up the ‘Extended Distance Scaling’ option will cause this issue to occur more frequently too

Thanks for the repro, hopefully yours helps track down the root issue

I haven’t checked the repro but from memory the game might have a limit that is very difficult to extend of ~65k (16-bit identifier?) archetypes being loaded at once, worst case ‘of any type’ so vehicles and weapons and peds would count here as well all the time.

If this is being hit with a lot of dependencies then the only plausible fix would be to remove redundant dependencies from mapdatas instead of taking in a full maptypes file for e.g. just one entry, other workarounds here might apply but would be very risky/weird.

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Was just checking this out (as this was my initial suspicion - there is even an old conversation about this in the CW discord): 68644 archetypes loaded in my run and 72120 after no-clipping as described above.

This is interesting!

I will add that in my case from the other thread with the issue - when testing things - we weren’t running any add on vehicles, peds, weapons or anything either on the server besides vanilla and only a handful of random maps not even in the area of the issue occurring. Which is why I’m not so sure. Such as you could be out in the middle of no where not near any add on maps what so ever like near Zancudo in our case and it could still happen there or over by Raton Canyon for instance. I do however note that it happens way more frequently in key spots such as near the Casino or the Cemetery on the other side of the map. And then occasionally other entire areas of LS. Could it be related, certainly. But at this point anything helps to hopefully figure it out. Of course there could even be multiple causes producing the same problem thats unrelated even if the symptom is the same.