To change flag/country and server tags?

Hello, i wonder how to change my servers flag (for some reason the flag is antarctica on the list) and how to change tags and server Picture on the server list.


It’s because you didn’t change anything in your server.cfg

Go inside it and edit the following values:
sets locale "root-AQ" change to sets locale "en-US" or whatever your country/language is

sets tags "default" change to sets tags "rp, roleplay, ESX" whatever you want, just make sure each entry is separated by a comma and space: tag1, tag2, tag3...

For your server icon, uncomment the line that shows #load_server_icon myLogo.png, just remove the # so it now only shows load_server_icon myLogo.png. You will need a PNG image for the server to have a custom icon in the browser, take your logo and resize it to 96px x 96px. It needs to be under 100Kb in file size as well.

Assuming you didn’t see these instructions because you are using a different server.cfg file, I highly suggest copying the contents of Setting up a Vanilla FXServer - Docs into your server.cfg and redoing from there. It contains all instructions/definitions.

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