Titanic crashes on spawn

So I was thinking about this new HQ Titanic mod on my server but obviusly it wouldn’t work, it gives me failed zlib call and crashes my game when I try to spawn it.

I have done everything correctly as I am suppose to do and all other vehicles in the pack works gr8.

This makes me believe FiveReborn isn’t able to handle it orso.

Here’s a link to the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rms-titanic-hq-add-on

Do you think you can fix it?

textures are too big as in probably in 4k resolution which is causing zlib to crash

I see can we bypass it or do we need to tell the developers to fix this?

downgrade all the textures thats what seems to work best

And how do I do that? xD

Sorry for noob question.

I do have OpenIV but Im not sure after that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this is riddicolouse, zlib fails on almost all aircrafts I download.

Please guys do something about this ;(

well its cuz it exceeds the ytd and has a problem streaming it you need to lower the texture from 4 to 2k and it should work

It’s all files above 16mb and check the tutorial sub section, There’s lots of tutorials.

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Read this >> [How-to] Fix failed ZLIB call

Thanks alot guys! Now I can most likely get anything to work :smiley:

I followed you’re tutorial on this, changed all 512x512 ARGb888888 to something else (DXT5) and all images that were bigger than 1024 on any side I lowered to an allowed value.

Yet it crashes when I spawn Titanic.

Is this because the file is stil too big or is it because I missed something? cause the files is still like 60Mb big.

The only way I can spawn it is by using no texture e.g removing the ytd file and spawning it, which makes it looks like a giant stone floating lol.

ZLIB requires EVERY FILE MUST BE <= 16MB or else it fails to read or something and you get that error when you attempt to join (That is R*'s fault). I can tell you that I’ve gotten away with adding vehicles with larger of a texture than 1024, works just fine.

Same here. Skinned a heli yesterday in 4K, works perfectly. It’s about the size of the file.

So what can we do to fix this? Do we have to beg the developers to do something or can we bypass this some other way? Or does this mean we will never have Titanic in FiveReborn.