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Discord https://discord.gg/zEbYDD8nus

What is TimelessRP?

We are a new and upcoming FiveM Roleplay Community Based off of California Law. We are similar to DOJ with our framework, vehicles, and scripts. We have an enhanced Law Enforcement Team and an active Staff Team.

Merge/Partnership Guidelines
Penal Codes

BCSO Application
LSPD Application
SAHP Application
SAFD Application

What we can offer you!
● EUP custom for each department including civilians!
● DOJ Based Vehicles, Scripts, and Uniforms
● Custom TRP Framework
● Custom /showID Script
● 100+ Civilian Cars (Non-whitelisted)
● Experienced Staff
● Real Law Enforcement Officers & Fire Engineers
● Strict but responsible roleplay
● Very well put together server with NO LEAKS, bugs, issues. (Maybe some bugs LOL)
● Good FPS in-game.
● Donator Tier System / Addon Personal Vehicles
● Caring community

We are currently looking for the following:
● Staff Members
● Los Santos Police Department

These are a few civ cars, will update this daily for better // more pictures.

Civilian Vehicles

● Blaine County Sheriffs Deputies


● San Andreas Highway Patrol Troopers


● Los Santos Fire Engineers


● Los Santos Police Officers


If there is something you think that would help the server, any specific reasons why you wouldn’t want to be apart of Timeless RP, please don’t be afraid to reply to this post and let us know. - We are always looking to improve the server and make it the best it can be.

This server is awesome guys, from the staff to the server, everything there is awesome. When I first joined the server the people there welcomed me and gave me a great time, you guys should check it out and rp with them. All their departments are great, and fun. They may be a new server but they do know how to have a great time. Go check them out, they have openings

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Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it.

We are in need of Fire Department Engineers, and Medics!

Discord Here

BUMP! :facepunch:

We are in desperate need of Staff. Join our discord and type .apply in any channel and follow the instructions.

Everything for the most part is setup however we are working on an ESX Server 2 so if you have knowledge on developing please come to us. We are willing to pay developers for their work.

Timeless RP Staff Team

We help new FiveM Players - LEO & CIV

We have a few people who have joined/left our discord, we made contact with them and touched base on why they left. They said that they are new to FiveM and need help; this is perfect!

If you are new and need help and lack experience we have a thing called "Timeless Guidance"

You can practice your policing skills as a TRP Community Officer with hands our training from our experienced law enforcement. Everyone is treated equally and will not be be-little or felt less of while in this process. We appreciate everyone, new or experienced.

Timeless RP is looking for Developers! (All kinds)

My name is Michael and I own Timeless Roleplay

I currently have developed the server from scratch; I’m essentially an underdeveloped β€œscript kitty”

We are in need of people who can develop EUP, Vehicles, Scripts, Framework, how can integrate our Framework with light economy and much more. These are paid positions and will be discussed upon the initial contact.

We appreciate your time! You can join the discord directly by clicking THIS link.

Thanks for the consideration.

Timeless RP


We hope to see you visit our discord and checkout our server.


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