Thug Typing (GTA:W Inspired Typing Indicator) [STANDALONE]



Code Accessible No
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 200
Requirements Nothing
Support Yes

nice script

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good project

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need talking Indicator

Is the escrow version of this script compatible with the escrow version of your v2 chat?

Compatible for all chats via trigger.

Is this server side visible to everyone else?

While the script itself is good, the support is the worst.
It takes them days, if not weeks to respond to you for simple things. There’s no real guide for setting up the indicator to work with chat and the one they did for me is half broken, only the last person typing has the indicator and it gets removed for everyone else if you are close to them even if they are still typing.

(There’s also no ticket transcripts sent to DMs, so they end up closing your ticket and can’t even find out if they sent you a fix or not)

I bought it but i dont know how to setup

Sent you a DM with a link to one that actually works and provides support.