Thug Chat V2 (SA:MP Inspired) (chat-theme) (Voice & Text Based) [QBCore] [ESX]

  • Hello, today we have prepared an SA:MP Inspired Chat V2 script for you. This version contains more features and commands compared to V1. For example, the other chat only supported Voice RP , this chat also supports Text RP according to your request. It also includes Staff Chat and Report system. It supports ESX and QB frameworks. You can make many edits to the script via config.lua

  • Preview Link

  • Tebex - 14.99€

  • Tebex (Open Source) - 39.99€

  • Note: thug-chat-v2 is just a theme, so you need original chat script to use thug-chat-v2 theme.

Script Features

  • Multi Core
  • Fully Configurable
  • Log System

Code Accessible No
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 1500
Requirements es_extended or qb-core
Support Yes

nice work bro :yum:

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So good :cold_face:

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nice work bro

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+rep nice work

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looks good

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+rep very nice project

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So sick, it’s like I’m back in NGRP. Lets go!

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Nice release


Im such a noob but not a dev. Only a buyer haha but my question:

I want this chat but what means Open-source? what’s different on that 15 euro package?

thanks in advance

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The 15 Euro package is protected by the FiveM Escrow System, that is, it is licensed. In Escrow version, you can only customize as much as you can access via Config. The Open Source version is the source code of the script directly. So your possibilities are limitless.

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