Three questions

Hi, been fiddling with this mod + hosting a server for a while now, it all works perfectly besides three things I’m curious about:

  1. Is the time of day frozen? Every time I load the server the game will timelapse to a certain time and seem to get stuck there. I can’t change it clientside with a trainer either so I think it’s being enforced serverside?

  2. How do I stream .meta files to players? I’m hoping to have all of my mods installed serverside for my friends to play with easily. I can install car mods just fine but handling.meta and vehicles.meta have no effect if I put them in the stream folder, and I don’t think the timecycle files do either.

  3. How do I get blips and/or a playerlist for the server? Preferably ones that I can turn off and on but anything will be good.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Weather is server-sided but can be changed client-side. It’s using GTA:O’s sync which means weather is dedicated server-synced (GTA:O servers if you were playing on GTA:O), so currently you can’t change that.

  2. Handling.meta etc don’t work at the moment (if I’m correct). Players have to manually install those to drift on your server.

  3. The trainer offers a small option for this, in Miscellaneous > Player Blips ON/OFF. That’s all you can change to player names/blips at the moment. Note this will only disable blips, not close-by names.

I hope I’ve helped.

Thanks, that did help for 2 and 3 (hopefully handling.meta support will be added soon) although I was talking about time, not weather for 1. I noticed that my game did gradually get foggy/cloudy like it normally would but time didn’t change at all. It’s a bit harder to check with no phone for your character but it didn’t seem to progress.