This week in FiveM: September 12th, 2018

Seemingly we’re back to the late-on-the-European-day kind of status update. I don’t think much happened at all, even.


  • OneSync news:
    • Some OneSync traffic things got fixed. Now traffic usually will migrate properly across clients.
    • Reassignment probably works better now.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Update anti-cheating components. False bans for SHV plugins should be gone now, and instead a number of other cheats got detected and banned.
  • Fix the web server list not working in Firefox.
  • Some more progress on a built-in web admin panel for the server, based on some random template and authentication stuff.
  • Node.js/V8 improvements and fixes.
  • Merge a PR that adds natives to do something with Discordapp.
  • Doc work seems to be dead for now, as with every attempt at documentation both internally and externally.
  • We got alerted of a potential leak of internal source code repositories, current evidence shows it is fairly dated and not of any concern to the integrity of the project. More lockdown has been performed since.
  • Stuff? Probably not much happened outside of this. There were a few Git commits, but most of them were fairly irrelevant.

Good job baby!!!
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nice job as always, :heart:

Love the weekly news <3

As always lovely :pray:

How do we access to the web admin panel

It’s a WIP, not released yet afaik.

I see :slight_smile: thanks

Thanks once again for this week :slight_smile:


Look another one of these

Thanks for this week <3