This week in FiveM: October 4th, 2018

Weekly update post time. News. Maybe. List.

Yeah, list.


Neat, good to see some form of progress on OneSync!
And looking forward to assist people at [email protected] :slight_smile:

Good news for people using C# mainly, like me :smiley:

Hmm could be handy for some purposes :o

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cool stuff as always :slight_smile: keep it up! :heart:

Absolutely spectacular, as usual.

Here’s hoping a CEF pass will somehow include a DestroyDui() fix.

Keep up the excellent work, and thank you ever so much for enabling Linux server builds again.
Warms my oldhat heart.

Always something great as usual!

Keep up the good work lads! :mascot:

Great and lovely release fellas, good job to achieve the milestone of OneSync.

i love the update about functions repo and ref call updates… thx guys <3

Excellent news once again. Thank you for your continued work.



Keep up the good work

:open_mouth: he’s here

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Thanks for all you guys have done! Now, I’ve got a question. I’m sure this is a huge pain to actually do but what are the odds we see another DLC implemented into the game like the Doomsday DLC?

fivem is always 1 DLC behind GTAO, when the next one comes out, it’ll be updated. current fivem gtav version is 1365

Why is that by the way? To keep TakeTwo/Rockstar happy?

(Not complaining or anything, just curious. I’m sure there’s a reason.)

don’t quote me on this one, because i am not sure at all, but i think it is to allow time for people to research the new addresses in the game which changed with the newer dlc

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Nice update I hope to see more fix buys for application :blush:

Can’t wait for this OneSync to succeed!

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