This week in FiveM: August 15, 2018

As promised in the SotS post that is by now almost a week old, we’re going to provide weekly project progress reports, even if there’s nothing to report.

Now, for this week’s episode of This week in FiveM!


None. Well, actually, that’s a lie.

  • We’ve shipped a game update to 1365, finalizing the feature/update-to-1365 branch. This came with a total of two common regressions, both of which deduced to bad server content that has since been blocked.
    • Now, the vehicles from the ‘San Andreas Super Sport Series’ update are part of the base game.
    • This also comes with changes of strStreamingModule to support 32-bit asset counts.
    • After Hours is coming sometime after R* releases the next update.
  • We fixed a number of bugs, among which:
    • Sudden deletion of vehicles induced since the great script handler migration a few weeks ago, but which might have existed for longer. We aren’t sure if this made it out of canary yet, though.
    • Crashes caused by the resource monitor misusing Mono APIs.
    • Reduce incidence of some kind of deadlock that happened on the LC server.
  • No work was done on OneSync as the server boxes are still in cold storage. It’s hard to do development without testing, you see?
    • An element has been working on their own private OneSync experiments a bit, and provided some useful insights that may help when development resumes.
  • There’s allegedly progress on the documentation, that will be published after peer review.
    • More things will be formally documented!
  • The Discord guild got a (testing) bot that reads crash IDs and/or crash hashes and shows related Sentry crash data.
    • It looks like this: image
    • It also greets new people posting in #support. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • A lot of internal shitposting happened in the element chat.
    • No, you’re not going to get access.
    • Really.
    • No, stop looking at us that way.
  • There’s 2 persistent players on a super secret internal FiveM build that only exists for fun.
    • You’re also excluded from that fun, unless you’re a community regular that knows of it.
    • We’re not going to tell you what that fun entails.
  • We didn’t break the peak player count again.
    • We came close, though!
  • A resource monitor was implemented, as a stepping stone to a future full-scale debugging experience.
    • resmon 1 in the console.
    • You can resize it with the thing on the bottom right.
    • Yes, your resources do use memory.
  • An external community member has been looking at game input.
    • No real results as of yet.
  • We posted this post.
    • Amazing, right?

That’s very good to know! haha

:100:/10 announcement :smiley:

Fun aside, resource warnings now also show excessive RAM usage right? :thinking:

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@Buggeroff this is what makes it 200 / 10 announcement.

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Thanks for the update as usual.

I feel like resmon deserves to be more towards the top of the points, but it’s there. That new feature is the best that happened this week. I’ve seen a lot of servers being able to pinpoint and solve their FPS/lag issues because of it.

Keep it up!


This is great! no more wondering whats going on and how long till something gets repaired.

This has been extremely helpful. I found several inefficient loops and a memory leak in my scripts. Great addition to the project.

Maybe the community can help with testing? We’re dying for this feature. Or is there other kinds of testing that is required?

Brilliant, these rundowns will keep me occupied for a while!

Very good

That is all amazing. But better than all that would finally release the Clothing streaming for everyone!

I love the resmon - makes optimizing your shit a lot easier with the insight!

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Osh ! so for the new jester classic (jester3) with stickers and new ameliorations , that’ll come with after hours dlc is that right ?

The unfinished version of that should be in this DLC, the one available in GTA:O will come in the After Hours update, unless someone makes a release for it.

If you want it now, consider becoming a patreon, but don’t ask for it!

Can I have access?

Please tell me

plesae take my super bad humour ;(

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed that mumble voip integration that was in a for a bit, will it be making a return when the issues with it are fixed?

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

oh, hi there!

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