This month in FiveM: November 26th, 2018

It’s time for yet another twice-as-delayed status update. We’ll try to recollect this to the best of our capacities.


  • Publish the new native reference.
  • Handle an accidental breakage on Win7. It’s that old and I’m that tired that I wrote ‘WinXP’ instead.
  • Add FiveM account login to the client. This’ll be used for future cool features.
  • No progress on moving cloud services.
  • Some progress on OneSync, mainly fixing migration bugs and another tiny bug.
  • Redesign main UI home page to actually be a bit neater.
  • Some anticheat changes.
  • A number of bug fixes.
  • Streaming memory viewer tool.
  • Lots of stuff that was forgotten, probably. Check GH by hand because status updates suck.

Discord lockdown

This’ll be lifted someday once we make a tool to link your forum account and have some kind of filter to prevent ‘low quality’ users from participating.


Some anticheat changes.

Good work as always collective :pray:

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Whats meant with that?
That you have to donate in order to get write permissions.
Or is it to prevent people who don’t have a forum account to ask stuff?

(Thanks for all the work u guys put into FiveM and made it to what it is now :heart:)


@onno204 Whats meant with that?
That you have to donate in order to get write permissions.
Or is it to prevent people who don’t have a forum account to ask stuff?

Have them to link up to avoid everyone randomly joining in and spamming the whole Discord with “How Fivem server plz”

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Changes that are (like they have been for months now) completely useless.


Nah, needlessly flaming while providing nothing of substance is what he does best.

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Create a fork of this project and contribute :smiley:
Then you can make whatever useful changes you want!
Best of luck to you :heart:

Elaborate on what? Every cheat that worked 6 months ago still works now with minimal changes.

The only people getting banned are people using old versions, debuggers, Cheat Engine, and whatever other random crap they started detecting to make them think they are doing something.

By stating what you stated, that’s called elaborating. Every video game suffers from cheaters, every single one. What happens? Developers continue to change, update, elaborate on anti-cheat code much like our fearless leaders (the Collective) do. You too can help prevent cheaters! Determine what they’re using exactly, how they’re getting around the current anti-cheat and as @Demonen stated, contribute! This is an open-source project after all.

Essentially you’ll need to be active on the forum for a certain amount of time before gaining access.

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How are you so sure of this? Each new version of existing cheats has been largely rewritten in functioning to go around the detections, and there have been longish periods where nothing known worked at all. We also have reports of cheat developers getting quite desperate whenever a new detection gets added, and their workaround for that detection (which has led to 2 full rewrites of certain cheats) getting fixed practically instantly afterwards.

Why certain cheats are still possible should be evident: they rely on functionality that isn’t possible to remove with the way a GTA multiplayer modification has to be designed, so the only way to fix them is by adding very specific detections to prevent the specific entry points they are using.

It is pretty easy to tell that you haven’t ever developed a game anticheat, since anyone who has would be able to tell that what is being done here is definitely fairly sufficient.

What? Neither of those even ban people, also most detections simply make cheats unable to work rather than banning people since common cheat developers don’t use patterns and therefore they have to modify the cheating tools for every mod update (which means that old cheats simply won’t run nor trigger detections after an update), so evidently there are barely any bans for actual cheats.

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Some people baffle me.

Either way keep up the good work! A lot of us see how much work goes on behind closed doors, others don’t see anything and think this is all “simple”

Keep going at it elements!

Mucho love

  • Streaming memory viewer tool.

I’m still amazed by how fast this tool got implemented by @iridium. Good job.

  • Some anticheat changes.

Also great that you continue the effort against cheating. :mascot:
:hammer: those bitches.

  • Redesign main UI home page to actually be a bit neater.

This looks so great, and amazing that you split up the social media feed from the community, with actual relevant news from the FiveM team.